Aug 14, 2021 • 1HR 6M

Migrating From Fiat To Bitcoin | Aleks Svetski | Generation Bitcoin #006

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Matt James
Join Matt James in Generation Bitcoin, as he interviews notable people within the Bitcoin space. Go down the rabbit hole and learn more about Bitcoin by listening to the many voices on Generation Bitcoin.
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This is an episode of Generation Bitcoin with host Matt James and guest Aleks Svetski. Aleks is a writer for Bitcoin Magazine, the host of the Wake Up Podcast, and founder of Amber app (Bitcoin exchange).

In this conversation, we discuss the federal reserve, fiat money, investing in Bitcoin, state indoctrination, base layer corruption, the Bitcoin standard, governments fighting back, altcoins, toxic maximalism, the lightning network, Bitcoin predictions, and the Amber app.

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00:00 Intro

1:28 Aleks Svetski Backstory

5:30 How People Become Bitcoiners

6:59 Investing vs MIGRATING From Fiat

14:50 Fiat Is Inferior & Outdated

20:15 State Indoctrination / Education

29:55 Base Layer Corruption

33:45 Path Towards The Bitcoin Standard

38:33 Governments Fighting Back

42:11 Ethereum / Altcoins Corruptible?

47:35 Toxic Maximalism

51:50 Government Regulation / SEC

54:40 Legal Tender / Lightning Network

58:25 Bitcoin Predictions

1:02:20 How To Grow The Movement / Amber

1:04:28 Conclusion

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