Jun 29, 2021 • 48M

Is Bitcoin a Libertarian's Dream? | Generation Bitcoin #001

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Join Matt James in Generation Bitcoin, as he interviews notable people within the Bitcoin space. Go down the rabbit hole and learn more about Bitcoin by listening to the many voices on Generation Bitcoin.
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Listen in to Episode 1 of Generation Bitcoin as Amir Zendehnam and Matt James discuss the link between libertarianism, Austrian economics, and Bitcoin economics, as well as their candid thoughts on the global impact of cryptocurrency, El Salvador adopting the Bitcoin standard, the future of Bitcoin, and how to help grow the Bitcoin network. Plus, he sheds light on why he thinks decentralized finance is going to destroy the state and his goal of integrating cryptocurrency into his business. 

Amir shares his story of becoming a Libertarian activist, entering the cannabis and health optimization industry, and why he’s so passionate about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Questions Answered:

-          Can you get rich quick with Bitcoin?

-          Why are Bitcoin and Austrian economics important for society?

-          How will El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin impact the rest of the world?

-          What does the future of Bitcoin look like?

-          How can I support the growth of Bitcoin?

-          And much more!

“It’s all about freedom for me. Everything I’m doing, whether it’s in politics or in the market, it’s with the goal of efficiently bringing about freedom in our lifetime.”                      - Amir Zendehnam

Amir Zendehnam is a Libertarian, Bitcoin Enthusiast, and Founder and CEO of Spekr, a crypto-friendly CBD company.


0:00 Intro

0:34 Amir's background

5:06 Ron Paul at UCLA

6:24 Bitcoin back in 2013

10:05 Bitcoin and Austrian economics

17:04 Bitcoin a way to get rich quick?

20:03 How history shows we need Bitcoin

23:52 El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender

29:35 The future of Bitcoin

32:19 The downsizing of the nation state

35:42 How to support Bitcoin

39:37 Integrating Bitcoin into businesses